According to their independence from all dogmas, European Obediences have decided to emphasise the promulgation and promotion of their values and principles. Freemasonry is based on the values of the Enlightenment which have inspired Europe, from Scotland to Romania, from Norway to Spain. Freemasonry has contributed to the emergence and continuing defence of democracy. In this context, these Obediences wish to establish an association in order to represent European Freemasonry in the European dialogs with the European institutions and, in the widest context, European countries. They proclaim “their legitimacy to interact with the European Union's authorities and all European citizens”.

These obediences are encouraged to ensure jointly the representations they would have been able to ensure unilaterally with the European institutions on subjects of European interest. They claim the right to liaise with movements which bear the same values or similar projects. This association will bear the title "European Masonic Alliance" (E.M.A.).

By its very nature, the European Masonic Alliance has its place in this dialog. EMA will defend the principle of free examination and the freedom of human beings to define their ethics without restraint. This does not imply taking a political position but defending the values of the liberal European a-dogmatic obediences.

The statutes of the European Masonic Alliance will be officially registered as'AISBL (international non-profit association, Belgian law).  34 masonic liberal and a-dogmatic obediences present in 14 countries of the European Union have now signed.

They are: Grand Orient of France, Grand Orient Lusitanian, Grand Orient of Belgium, Grande Loge d'Italie, French Federation of "Le Droit Humain", Grand Lodge of France, International Masonic Order Delphi, Belgian Federation of "Le Droit Humain", Serenissima, Grand Orient of Greece, Grand Orient of Luxembourg, Grand Orient of Switzerland, Grand Lodge of Belgium, Mixed Grand Lodge of the Netherlands, Grand Orient of'Austria, Universal mixed Grand Lodge, Symbolic Grand Lodge of Spain, Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium, Great symbolic Lodge working at Scottish Rite primitive, Grand Lodge of cultures and spirituality, Women's Grand Lodge of Spain, Grand Orient of Romania, Symbolic Grand Lodge of Portugal, Grand Orient of Poland, Grand Lodge of' Italy, Women's Grand Lodge of France, Liberal Grand Lodge of Turkey, Portuguese Federation of "Le Droit Humain".